Child & Adolescent Counselling


Child Counselling:

Specialized counselling services tailored to address the unique emotional, developmental, and behavioral needs of children. Our therapists employ appropriate techniques to assist children in navigating challenges such as anxiety, behavioral issues, school-related stress, family changes, and emotional regulation.


Adolescent Counselling:

Dedicated counselling sessions designed specifically for adolescents dealing with a wide array of issues, including peer pressure, academic stress, self-esteem, identity exploration, mood swings, relationship concerns, and coping with transitions into adulthood.


Family Counselling for Children & Teens:

Guidance and support for families seeking to improve communication, manage conflicts, understand behavioral issues, and foster healthy relationships between parents, children, and siblings. Our family counseling sessions aim to create a harmonious environment conducive to growth and understanding.


Learning & Developmental Assessments:

Comprehensive assessments conducted to evaluate learning difficulties, developmental delays, behavioral challenges, and cognitive abilities in children and adolescents. These assessments are crucial for identifying specific needs and tailoring intervention plans. Assessment includes: IQ, LD, Hyperactivity & Autism Assessments in children.


Behavioral Interventions:

Tailored interventions to address behavioral concerns in children and teenagers. Our therapists work closely with parents and caregivers to develop strategies and techniques for managing behavior, improving communication, and fostering positive interactions within the family and school environments.


School-Based Support:

Collaboration with schools to provide support for students facing academic challenges, social difficulties, behavioral issues, or emotional struggles. Our therapists work in conjunction with educators and parents to create effective support systems for children and adolescents within the school setting.